by Thieves

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I watched you pace from shore to shore between his best interests and yours. All broken promises ignored. He took everything you gave him and more. You said "compassion is all I know. And it's hard to find the strength to let go." Sometimes you've gotta burn a bridge to change your life. Sometimes you've gotta start a fire to make it right. Well you could waste your time and pace your feet down to the bone, counting on faith he's never known. A second chance he's never earned. Well you could shut yourself off from the person that you truly deserve. Smoke signals lead you home alone.
Colorchange 03:02
Wide awake, I know I've never had this much at stake. This pipe dream life and my refusal to break. My nerves are making awkward exchanges. You can find me floating face up in the ocean where the color changes. Forget everything you know about the map and where it says we shouldn't go. I'm done playin' by the rules that they put in place to play me down. I followed like a fool. By 5am, the melody has shaken me in and out of sleep again. I've got no time to feel when consequence is living at my heels. My better judgement was lost when I was losin' the path. I said I'd take what I want, so now I'm takin' it back. I'll put a penny on the tracks.
Compass 02:34
God damn, I think I lost myself again. I looked into your eyes and thought I'd finally found an end. Cold air and whispers set the scene. And the clothes we cast into the dark. Nothing but skin and earth beneath. Like teenage love, we forgot to breathe. We took examples from the shooting stars. Shined bright but burned out at light speed. Alone in a galaxy. God damn, I think I lost myself again. I looked into your eyes and thought I'd finally found an end to the ups and downs. Around and around, the globe I'll go. In search of a better soul. A quest til' I grow old. We could've been a work of art, but the portrait lost its focus when mixed signals tore us apart. Some things are better left alone and in the past, but for something that felt so right it's second nature to make it last. This is a brand new type of rejection. You comfort me with lies but I found truth in your inflection. This is a brand new type of rejection. The only truth I know is that I've gotta find my own direction.
Ten years now, I've been livin' in the sound. The world is a stage but I've been singin' underground. Each calendar page is a growing pain. I'm pushing pins into maps to justify the change. To minimize the pain. Time takes a toll. You're either searching for answers or watching the cancer grow. Everything ends. You've got to learn to live again. To love again. And all along, I've suffered from a common condition. A lack of tunnel vision. How do I know where to go with ambition when there's no end to indecision? I'm learning how to feel. To save the dreams for sleep. To love what's real. Cause everything ends. You've got to learn to live again. To love again.
Weight 03:33
Secret tears are shed between best friends. The same five words of comfort are offered again and again. "It's probably for the best." Well, that won't mean a thing when I've got nothing left. Do you ever feel like the world is weighing on your shoulders? And the weight just tries to break you down with every day that you get older. Can't get ahead. Just try to drown out the voice in my head. Who will I be when I've got no one to define me? Just an empty soul who spent his whole life chasing a legacy. I can't believe how my life has flashed before my eyes. Just yesterday, I was starin' at the sky, screaming that, "I'm too young to die." As if the choice was ever mine.


released June 3, 2014

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Beau Burchell
Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Telegraph Recording
Cover art by Joyce Eccleston
Cover text by Rob Kucharek / American Icon


all rights reserved



Thieves Austin, Texas

Born out of Austin, TX, Thieves are an aggressive pop punk band revered for their vigorous live shows and reflective lyrics. Delivering powerful guitar riffs paralleled by atmospheric leads, their sound challenges and aims to advance the pop punk genre. ... more

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