At Least We Know

by Thieves

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Echo Chamber 02:45
Earth is dying. You’ve been fighting for your bottom line. Love is reason. Greed is treason. But I’ll never change your mind. While I’ve been trying to prove our common goal. you’ve made no effort to grow. Only believe what you perceive. I wanted to change that but you’re so complacent. I’ve been reading. They’re misleading you by your fears. You’re just so jaded. There’s people living in hell. You’d trade their lives for your wealth. It’s all about you and no one else.
Bitter 03:13
I remember. Things were simpler when I was young. I had the years to spare. I didn’t care if I broke for what I loved. Let go. The peaceful days are near. This bitter pill. It’s crystal clear. Swallow. The glory days are gone. At least we know, we had our fun. I’ve been crying and you’ve been lying to keep me up above. You have the best intentions. You always mention, “the best has yet to come.” But it’s too late to change the way things went. mistakes I made. When it’s all or none, it’s lost its fun. I know I’m not alone. No one gets to live the dreams they had when they were young. But it still stings, when you don’t think you’re good for anything.
Darkness 03:07
I can’t say there’s anything I’d rather do than sit around and drink all day. And I can’t believe how anyone could walk this earth and not be plagued by empathy. A darkness is growin’ and I can’t control it. It keeps me up at night. It follows into light. I must admit that I can only blame myself for my own mind. I’m losing it. Cause I won’t take amphetamines that he prescribed to drive intrusive thoughts away. It’s getting harder to be okay. The bright side is fadin’ and I can’t locate it. It keeps me up at night, I’m tired of this fight. I wish that I could be content with waking up and clocking in, then drinking six to numb the pain. But I’m afraid these demons will never go away. I can’t find peace of mind. I wanna be alright. I’m tired of this fight.
Feel 02:42
Don’t let that feeling start to fade. There’s a cruel world that’s waiting to take it all away. We move so slow, we never know the smile when it’s the last one. Then we’re all numb. And hindsight burns, we never learn the lesson before the time comes. It’s a hard one. Please hold them close. You never know when it could be the last time, then a flat line. And on we go, our hearts hang low. A lesson for a lifetime. It’s a hard life. If you feel it, then say it. Let it pass and regret it.
Shine 02:51
Stand out in a crowd, everyone can see. You stand small, but shine with personality. It’s devastating how without notice, that everything can change. It’s clear to me now that none of this will ever feel the same. I’ll never forget you and all the light you shined on everyone that met you. It’s not fair. Never one to judge. You always let things go. The lessons that you’ taught, I wish that you could know. These tears we shed, will never be enough. You left behind a legacy of love. I’d give anything to have just one more chance to tell you that I love you. Years will pass, but we’ll never lose the light. You’ll still shine.
Wanderlust 03:19
I can’t stay forever in one place. The risk of feeling like I’m in a cage. Something more calls me to explore. The places that will move me at my core. I get higher on the road. Slow and shallow breathin’, I’m set on leavin. My home is just a hole. I can’t wait to cruise the interstate, to taste the way the locals build their plates. And I can’t see how anyone could breath the same air their whole life and never leave. I found my soul across the globe. I don’t know why I’d spend my life collecting the nicest things when I know there’s worlds I’ve never seen. My home is just this hole.
So Long 03:10
You think that I am foolish for being idealistic. Don’t think cause I have hope that I’m not realistic. It makes me sick to know you’d play your fellow man to get some paper in those filthy hands. The lies were your mistake. I’ll bail before I break I bought what you sold. And now you think you’re in control, you’ve got your boot right on my throat. I bought what you sold, but I am stronger than you know and I’ve got every right to go so, so long. You’re good at performing when you think you’ll prosper. At best, you are a fake, and at your worst, a monster. I won’t be complicit in shaking down the weaker ones whose minds are fading. If you think that I’m too weak to take the life, you’re dead wrong. The truth is that I would rather be a failure than your pawn.
Sun 03:20
My darkest days, you’ve been there to keep me sane, making plans when I don’t have the strength to stand. You kept your word, speaking love when I am hurt, taking pain upon yourself to make this work. I owe it to you to be the happiest that I can be. There is always something more to lose, but I’m not losing you. Without you I’m afraid of what I’d be, just a loser betting life on shallow dreams. You’re all I need. I know you don’t ask for much. You only need to feel the love and see the world outside. The simple things in life. So I’ll wake up every day, do anything to find a way, so I can make it through to live that life with you.


All songs written by Thieves: Chris Skiles, Nathan Helton, Judson Curtis, Max Stratmann, Bill Canino
Produced, engineered, and edited by Chris Skiles at Overstayer Studio
Assisted by Nathan Helton
Mixed by Beau Burchell at The Cottage
Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering

Thieves would like to thank our families, our significant others and spouses, and our friends for helping us make it through this life together. We’d like to thank the Mohawk, Tyler G, Max S, and Andy E for sharing a stage with us to celebrate ten years of releasing music. We’d like to thank any and every one of you who have ever heard a song that reached out to you or jammed out at a show. Here’s to another one.


released December 6, 2019


all rights reserved



Thieves Austin, Texas

Born out of Austin, TX, Thieves are an aggressive pop punk band revered for their vigorous live shows and reflective lyrics. Delivering powerful guitar riffs paralleled by atmospheric leads, their sound challenges and aims to advance the pop punk genre. ... more

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