Just Give It Up

by Thieves

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released 13 May 2011



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Track Name: One Reckless Year
Ever since I have been playin’, I’ve been hearin’, “You’ve gotta do somethin’ more practical than singin’. That sounds like fun, but it’s just a dream.” Well I don’t need any encouragment to get there and when I do I’ll send you postcards as reminders.

We were the ones who challenged you. We were the ones and now we’re

four stories in the sky and I’ve never felt more alive, atop this concrete high rise, cause we own this small town tonight. Pad locks and warning signs couldn’t keep our ambitions at bay tonight. The whole world is in our eyes, cause we own this small town tonight.

21st St. tried to shut us down. Those kids went crazy when they heard the sound. So we took the party to the other side of town, to 7th St. where the kids are always down.

Stand up to those who try to challenge you.

No matter where the beat goes, our hearts will never leave home. We are vagabonds together. We’ll be thick as thieves forever. One reckless year.
Track Name: All I Need
I’m on a plane towards the city lights with nothing but my memories to keep me company tonight.
I packed my bags and told myself “You’re not coming home until you find a way to feel alive.”

Cause I’m done takin’ for granted the life I’ve been handed and everything I’ve ever learned about losing your grip when things just don’t happen the way that we plan them. So just give it up.

At the center of the modern world, anything I could ever want was there for me to have. And destiny can have my past but when it comes to my future, well, I’m taking that one back. And I’m singin’.

I’d lost my mind in my own self doubt until I found, that these two things are all I need:
the love I bleed and the air I breathe.